mercredi 12 décembre 2018

My life styl in Norway.

Norway is nice country . I have got many some experience from here.
first part of my article, how to have a friend in Norway?
Norwegian is Nice to be friend but it is not easy to have them like a best friend because they have a different culture as i have. if people want to get a friend here in Norway they must do some activity with them and get to know each other in the activity. when you meet them just onence or three times they do not considarate you are friends but you should have much time to talk to with them and they need to know you well. Norwegian are very busy in work and they know well how to help each other. this is one point of good exemple to use in life. 
when they go to church , they have this kind of talking caffee and everyone get to know each other.
if they work , they always have a little break to take a food and everything are in time.
Norwegian are focus well on their work and even the old who are tired in Job, they have some activity to do not stay at home only.
you can not know people in Bus because they keep calm on their place.
I am among of they guys who are interesting to have a relationship with the others and take step by step of relationship and dymamic all the time to follow their activity. This is new life for me because i did not use this in my country and the culture is very different. 

what do i do in Norway?
I am youth christian from madagascar and chirstian family.
this programme is more interesting for me because it is God's work. It is first time to me to go abroad like this and it makes me change in my life because i can take a new experience from different coutries and the good point of their life are nice to use. I follow exchange programme here and many countries participate of this.
so I have learn many different culture from my friend.

how is the price of the food  in Norway?
Norways is among of rich coutries and the life is not easy for the guys from another coutrise because the price of things in Market is very expensive. But even that they people have a good salary so it is enouhg for food.
all people have a job here and  they know well how to help each other.

how can i use the weather?
Norway is really cold and the summer time here is like winter time in Madagascar but it is nice for me and help me to relax with the nature.
they respect well the environement , they do not like cut the tree and they also respect prorpriety. The rule is being followed for everyone.