mardi 10 septembre 2019


It was nice to be back home because i meet my family and my friends again.
I think about me and  how to be back home?
I live in Fotadrevo city in Ampanihy district . I have seen the different between my home country and in Norway.
My life was really nice during my time in Norway because every thing is in  time and the Norwegian people follow their rules.
Here in my home country is not the same because the put someone in a box.
People just respect the one who have a high power.
I see that every thing is change with me because i have new vision in the future and to follow what i have learnt from Norway.
It was amazing to see the kids to discuss with me  and ask many things that i have seen in Norway.
Many people think about me what I have changed because they take me like very important people but i do not like to be respected alone but i want it for every one.
During my volunteering work, I was showing  them how to be leader and what made Norway become wealthy country.
I was really big opportunity for me being in Norway as Hald international center student because I have learnt many things from there and share it to my friends and youth christian in my home country and all. every things is changed as people see me because even making a relationship with people is different not like before.
I do not like to judge people and punish people if there is a mistake but what I am doing is just look and make them know their mistake.
Even at my family, I do not like to make the kids angry but i just want them to be happy and smile. I like to play with them and to share each other with them.

lundi 20 mai 2019

Equality is a system used by the Norwegian government, which sets each person's gender to be balanced and tolerated and to fight corruption. Equality in Norway is manifested in all societies and businesses and in governmental systems
I am Mbola Andre from Fotadrevo in the district of Ampanihy southwest of Madagascar.
Each system has captured my heart by Norwegians' balance of gender for everyone who protects the human rights of all. During my internship in Kristiansand I really felt that it was very important for the people who worked with me because even children were noisy, they could not be punished. In Madagascar, teachers can punish the perverse children.
There was a time that I was laughing a lot with them because even the teachers are angry, they could not do anything because it is not allowed to punish them.
This is really important for protecting all the people because the most important is to care each other and to respect each other. I like this Norwegian system and I am felling, this makes them to be wealthy country because everyone takes a responsibility for everything.
Equality is part of fighting against of corruption too because the system put everyone the same level even there are some who have high diploma or high power in the society.
I see in my home country that if people have a more power in the society or in the government they make something just for they family not for others because even the do a bad thing the equality does not happened so they can just pay for the police or gendarme and the cannot punish so that is drawback of lucking this system.
I do not find much corruption in Norway and I see that people know well how to care each other, help each other, respect each other, encourage each other and same vision to develop in a good way.
The government are really caring because they can lend a money for the student to finish their study and the student can finish their study till the end. I always take a reference in my home country because it is very different, this system not happen to my home country and if you do not have a money you cannot finish yours study till the end because everything that you need in your study needs a money. So the rich people are always luck and the poor people are getting poor because we do not put this system.
 I have a story a bit about my experience so I want to share it here, in 2014 to 2017 I was studying in IST Toliara and I studded technical of water and it becomes engineer.
 When I was in second years in university, there was a teach ask us about or fees and if we do not pay our fees we cannot study and my friend Toni was answering that even we are poor we want to be like the others so we need to study but if we do not pay till the end of our study you cannot give us our diploma but now I beg to continue my study because sometimes the money from our parent late because they wait three or four months for the things that they grow. Our parent is not functionaries like you so we always have to wait.
But the teacher answered, we cannot wait that so you have to need some solution to find a money and if you do not pay you cannot study because not your plan should be followed here.
So if this equality happens to my home country, I think the teacher could not have this kind of answer but here because He has high power so we have to follow what he said and if we do not follow his command, we cannot have possibility to join his establishment.
And the people are like blind even see everything bad that another people do because the low just only happen for the lowest not for everybody.
This is most important things that I have learned in my internship place because I will have a society and my goal to find against the bad system.
God put this equality for everybody and it is nice if people use this also to protect each other and to eradicate the bad things. Now, I have many things to learn and many things to give back about my experience in Norway so I can teach step by step and my big question is:

samedi 22 décembre 2018

Malagasy boy live with the weather in Norway.

How can I live with the weather in Norway?

I am MBOLA Andre from Madagascar and student from 2018-2019 at HALD INTERNATIONAL MANDAL.

I want to talk more about the weather in Norway.
For bigining, the time in Norway and Madagascar is between one hour but when witer time is coming , it is back one hour so Norway and Madagascar is between two hours for the winter time. Norways is nice country and the people know how to respect each ather but this weather is my challaging because i use to live  hot contry so this is kind of difficult to me.  i can not go without jokket in Norway and warm clathes all the time.

        this clothes is especially witter time in Norway because you need to be warm all the time so i can say that it is hard for me but i use it now and i am getting change.

Even that , i like the weather in Norway because i like to learn how to skeating and skiing with the snow and it is so cute for me. The night is very long for the winter time because the sun rises at 10am and sets at 4pm but in madagascar is 7:30am to 5:00pm and we do not have colder temperature like here. The witer time in Madagascar is  summer time in Norway and so it is very different but if the Norwegian people come to our contry, they do not think have a witer time there because there is always hot even witer time. we have 14degre at least but in Norway have minus zero. I want to show you the clothes which i use in Madagascar for witter time but never use for the witter time here.

                                                                                                                                                                     This cothes is not come on in Norway but  but you can use it in madagascar for the witter time.

So you should prepare well warm clothes when witter time is coming  and shoos also because if you do not  prepare, you  will be sick.

mercredi 12 décembre 2018

My life styl in Norway.

Norway is nice country . I have got many some experience from here.
first part of my article, how to have a friend in Norway?
Norwegian is Nice to be friend but it is not easy to have them like a best friend because they have a different culture as i have. if people want to get a friend here in Norway they must do some activity with them and get to know each other in the activity. when you meet them just onence or three times they do not considarate you are friends but you should have much time to talk to with them and they need to know you well. Norwegian are very busy in work and they know well how to help each other. this is one point of good exemple to use in life. 
when they go to church , they have this kind of talking caffee and everyone get to know each other.
if they work , they always have a little break to take a food and everything are in time.
Norwegian are focus well on their work and even the old who are tired in Job, they have some activity to do not stay at home only.
you can not know people in Bus because they keep calm on their place.
I am among of they guys who are interesting to have a relationship with the others and take step by step of relationship and dymamic all the time to follow their activity. This is new life for me because i did not use this in my country and the culture is very different. 

what do i do in Norway?
I am youth christian from madagascar and chirstian family.
this programme is more interesting for me because it is God's work. It is first time to me to go abroad like this and it makes me change in my life because i can take a new experience from different coutries and the good point of their life are nice to use. I follow exchange programme here and many countries participate of this.
so I have learn many different culture from my friend.

how is the price of the food  in Norway?
Norways is among of rich coutries and the life is not easy for the guys from another coutrise because the price of things in Market is very expensive. But even that they people have a good salary so it is enouhg for food.
all people have a job here and  they know well how to help each other.

how can i use the weather?
Norway is really cold and the summer time here is like winter time in Madagascar but it is nice for me and help me to relax with the nature.
they respect well the environement , they do not like cut the tree and they also respect prorpriety. The rule is being followed for everyone.